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Tread Wisely: Things to Keep in Mind When Buying New Tires

One of the most easily overlooked yet important aspect of vehicle maintenance is looking after the tires. The right set of well-maintained tires doesn’t only mean you get a smooth and easy ride, it is also essential for fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance.

However, purchasing new tires can seem like an overwhelming experience. With such a wide selection of sizes, brands, and types, it cannot be easy to choose the one that perfectly suits your vehicle.

But don’t worry! Our tire repair experts are here to help. Read on to learn all the important tips to keep in mind when buying new tires.


Determining the Tire Size

The first step to remember when buying tires is to determine the tire size. You can find out the appropriate tire size for your vehicle by checking out the vehicle owner’s manual or the sidewall of your current tires.


Your vehicle’s tire size will have a series of letters and numbers,and each component corresponds to aspects of the tire, like the aspect ratio, width, and diameter.

Your new tires should match this exact specification for optimal vehicle performance.


Tire Speed Rating and Load Capacity

Every tire is crafted to carry a specific load. Exceeding the load capacity can result in safety risks and reduced performance. You can check your tire's load capacity through the load index on your current tires and buy ones that meet this requirement.


Remember to pay attention to the speed rating,which indicates the maximum speed your tires can safely handle.


Observing the Wheels

a closeup of a tire

Before you head off to buy new tires, don’t forget to take a look at the wheels. If the current wheels are starting to look damaged or worn, it might be time for a change. Try to match the wheel size to the manufacturer’s original size.


While a bigger wheel might make your tires look more appealing, the tire and wheel size need to match since theyaffect the vehicle when you’re turning and handling it.


Considering the Seasons

Living in an area with distinct seasons means choosing a different set of tires for both winter and summer.


Summer tires are crafted in a way to suit warmer temperatures since they support traction and allow a smoother drive even on dry roads. Winter tires are engineered with special compounds to maintain flexibility even in freezing temperatures.


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